Opportunities to Join the Group

The High Energy Astrophysics Group seeks high-quality applicants for M.Sc (Research), Ph.D. and Post-doctoral positions.

Various funding opportunities are available throughout the year at postgraduate and postdoctoral level:

  -   VERITAS Funded Ph.D. Position. Open - deadline 12th April 2019
  -   UCD Physics Scholarship in Research and Teaching for M.Sc. (Research) or Ph.D. Open - deadline 29th March 2019
  -   Irish Research Council Government of Ireland postgraduate funding scheme. Closed
  -   Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme. Closed
  -   Marie Sklodowska-Curie fellowship for postdoctoral funding. Closed

If you are interested in using VERITAS to study high-energy astrophysical phenomena, please contact Prof. John Quinn for more information.